A little about me

My name is Gied.

I'm 38,  Filipino. 

I'm a daughter, a sister,
a wife,
a mother, and a friend.

A bit about my job

I'm a full time single parent to 2 super kids.
I work away from home.
I am a foreign teacher,  helping the Chinese improve their abilities  in speaking English.

A few of my interests

I like reading and I enjoy writing to express my self, to share my ideas,
to lighten my mood or just to put my feelings and emotions into words.

My Family


    Passionate Spoiled Brat

    Friendly and humanitarian
    Honest and loyal
    Original and inventive
    Independent and intellectual

    On the dark side....

    Intractable and contrary
    Unemotional and detached



    September 2009


    All About Gied