This site is for personal expression of myself by putting my moods and my feelings  into words.  I am a person with very strong emotions that sometimes lead me to wrong decisions in life but always give me loads of  experiences;  leave me tons of  practical wisdom,  making me a better individual.

          Everyone is welcome to share their comments, suggestions, and personal insights.   ---Gied

Quotes, Sayings and Shout outs
by: ivorygied

I collect  my  shout-outs and status  messages on MSN and Yahoo Messenger which I wrote either because I am happy, excited, frustrated or sad.  Here are some...

  • Risk is the only way  to give yourself the excitement you're craving!
  • Life is more about the journey rather than the destination!
  • Life is not always perfect, but surely is delightful!
  • Always have hope for the future.  It will be better than yesterday and today!
  • Inspire someone everyday!
  • Pray. And pray hard. God is listening!

  • I feel complete... I feel fulfilled... I want the world to know, I am in love!
  • Life is full of surprises. You'll never know when it's gonna rain and when it's gonna shine on you!
  • Love isn't just having fun. It also has moments of sadness when two people hold hands to share the pain...  and then again, laugh together after the rain!
  • True love and happiness are hard to find. Take your  time. Once you found them, you'll never regret every moment you've spent searching.
  • My life is incomplete without you. Promise me, you'll never leave me. I promise too, I will wait for you. Forever!
  • It's not enough that you say you love the person.  Sometimes, it is more important to show your abilities to stand by those words.
  • I am blessed I have  people who love to make me cry. I become stronger and closer to God!
  • I am jealous because I love you more than I love me. And sometimes, I feel that I'm just your second priority!
  • I wish I could love me more than I love you so I could keep my heart from hurting!
  • My life is colorful because I see problems like a rainbow!!

Love of a Husband

Every Inch of  You!
by: Ted  Russell

What part of your body I love the most?
My answer is this...

Your mind;  because it is always thinking about me.
Your eyes;  because they sparkle  every time they see me.
Your lips;  because of the sweet kisses they give me.
Your ears;  because they hear me when I tell you how much I love you!
Your mouth;  because it speaks to me the words of your heart.
Your neck;  because I love to kiss it.
Your arms;  because they love to be around me.
Your hands;  because of how they touch me.
Your breasts;  because they arouse me (too personal to say...hehe).
Your legs;  because they are what carry you to me.
Your feet;  because I like your cute toes, haha!
I love every part of you Gied, but ... most of all ...
I love your heart!
Because it's where you hold all the passion and love that one human can possess,
and all that love and passion is for me!!!
Love you Gied - every inch of you! --- Ted

Love to last a Lifetime
by:  ivorygied

You came into my life
When I was alone and sad.
You have given me friendship
And shared the time you've had.
My life was filled with laughter
Whenever you're around.
My days turned brighter
My feet are above the ground.
Each time that we're together
You're one step to my heart.
Then one day I woke up
With you I gave my heart.
No more cold lonely nights
With your arms around me.
I woke up each morning
With your lips teasing me.
You showered me with love
So honest and so pure.
From your passionate soul
I've tasted the pleasure!
You've touched me so gentle
And you've hugged me so mild.
Your caress were subtle
And your kisses so wild!
Moments being with you
Were precious time I kept
The memories we've once shared
Were treasured when you left.
Wherever you may be
Find time to think of me.
And in your loving heart
Leave a little space for me.
For the shortcomings I have made
That broke your heart in two.
I am really, deeply sorry
I didn't mean to hurt you!
Now that you're gone and far
I'm missing you so much!
You and the things you do
Keep haunting me at night.
I wish you had never left
Wish we had never part.
Our love will never end
Deep down inside my heart.
There's nothing such forever
You've told me once before,
Lifetime will there be for me
To love you more and more!!

- - - - - - - - - -

Bits of  Pieces
Temper and Moods ... Random Emotions
by: ivorygied

Your love is like the fireworks;
It is beautiful, colorful, burning;
Glowing, captivating, fascinating!

The warmth, the rage and desire;
The joy, the magic and the passion;
Touches the heart, reaches the  soul!

Your love is like the  fireworks.
It is  beautiful, colorful, burning;
Glowing, captivating, fascinating!

But it only last for quite a time.
The fire and desire;  the magic and the joy;
The passion, the beauty and the rage;
will all  soon be gone and ceased!

I would rather take the long and risky road
with you waiting for me on the other end
than taking the easy route with a stranger
along the way.
I promise to be brave and valiant...
I would fear nothing... I would fight.
Because I know, you will always be there
and will be smiling for me at the end of my

Sometimes loving someone can be such a risky thing.
How else would you win if you don't take chances?
You don't lose by giving, you lose by holding back!
Go out, live, laugh, love! Make an effort to leave
old fears and resentments behind!!!


Cool site sis. Fast too! :)
Well done and can't wait to see more...
Hugs and xoxo,




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